Sunday, October 03, 2021

Old Man With A Huge Head Has Photo Taken Next to Another Old Man!

 October 3, 2021

   In the past five decades, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with some very talented photographers. And out of that long list I would call special attention to Gary Ghoring, John Beckett, Ralph Rippe, Dan Harshberger and Bryan Black.

   About two months ago, I was looking at an old photo of an old man I have long been chasing and I had a rather shocking realization: I am the same age as he is in this photo.

Old Man In Rocking Chair

   I thought to myself, wouldn't it be kind of zany to do a BBB portrait with this photo, framed, and in the background? Well, actually, it would be kind of zany, but only if it doesn't come off like I am trying to ape him, or trying to be like him. That would be very stupid looking and that's a risky assignment and I knew only one guy who could walk that tightrope and make it work.

My worst fear is it just might make it look like
I have a huge ego, or a humungous head,
like this William Penn statue head.

The Long & Arduous Road to An Expensive and Ridiculous Sight Gag.

   First, I had to blow up the photo (thanks Robert Ray), then I had to have it printed (thanks JC Printing), then I had to have it framed (thanks Guzal at Custom Art & Framing) and then I had to have it mounted somewhere in my studio where it looked natural (thanks Cal Nelson) and then I needed to dress the studio for the best shot angle (thanks Kathy Sue and Cal) and then I had to line up other artwork to go around it (thanks Kristi Jacobs) and then I had to call the photographer I chose for this assignment to see if he would even want to come shoot it.

Old man framed and on the inside
of my studio door (nobody liked it there).

   The photographer arrived this morning at nine and he set up his lights and we finished in an hour flat. Finished proofs when I have them.

"Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were."

—Neil Young, "Old Man"


  1. Bless you, Bob, but I don’t think you’ll ever have Wyatt Earp’s thousand yard stare.

  2. Well actually the verse is…
    ‘… Old man look at my life,
    I'm a lot like you were.…’
    But I could see it….actually at one point, I thought that picture was you. Go figure!

    1. You are correct on the lyric. Thanks. I am going to correct it which is weird because then people will read your correction and think, "What the hell is he referring to? Looks correct to me!"


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