Friday, October 29, 2021

Sam Elliott Revisited And Visiting With Tombstone City Marshal Jim Adams

 October  29, 2021

   Took another pass at Sam Eliott, this one a little wider and less in shadow.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:
"Sam Elliott #3"

   Couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to add some color.

Daily Scratchboard Colorized Whip Out:

"Sam Elliott #3.5"

   Probably wrecked the whole deal, but that is the gamble you take when you are seeking perfection.

   Met the real marshal of Tombstone on Tuesday. Such a kind and generous man.

Tombstone City Marshal Jim Adams

and me outside the O.K. Corral

   The guy is so positive and generous and I don't mean that in a wimpy way, like he is weak or not manly. The guy was a Marine, then served on the police force in Sierra Vist for 21 years. So he has the street cred. And from what I've heard from the locals he is a breath of fresh air.

"When perfectionism is driving us, shame is always riding shotgun."

—Brene Brown

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