Friday, December 24, 2021

Can A Santa Claus Shipping Disaster Be Salvaged?

 December 24, 2021

   Apparently even Santa's delivery system has supply chain issues this year. 

Ho Ho Ho, Look Out Below!

   Here is photographic evidence of an overloaded sleigh dropping precious cargo:

Original BBB framed painting dropped

from sleigh

   Someone who knows someone, told me Santa was flying low over some houses when the expertly packaged painting fell out of the sleigh, otherwise it would have been a total loss. As it is, the glass on the frame shattered and shards scratched up the painting pretty good.

A photo of the painting before retouching


Close-up on the scratches

   So, the challenge is to repaint all those scattered, scratches with the right amount of similar colored gouache paint (water soluable) that is behind the scratches and see if I can cover up the scratches without destroying the values in the painting. Not going to be easy. Wish me luck.

   Okay, here you go. I spent about an hour blending the paint and trying to keep the background values consistent.

Daily Repair Whip Out:

"Scratches Painted Over"

   Full Disclosure: I took the opportunity to correct some of the anatomical and perspective mistakes as well and, if you ask me, it looks better than it did before the disaster!

"Ho Ho Ho, Santa is not liable for damages incurred on Billy the Kid related paintings."

—The fine print on the Santa rider

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