Wednesday, December 08, 2021

When I get Started On My History Talks Sleeping Bags Are Recommended

December 8, 2021

   When I give my history talks I often warn the audience at the beginning: Half of what I'm about to tell you is the absolute truth. Your job is to figure out which half.

   Speaking of fibbing for a living, I am giving a talk this Friday in Wickenburg. It's being billed as Geronimo Stories but that is just the tip of the iceburg. We are going to have some fun with all the Arizona legends from Doc Holliday to Billy the Kid to Olive Oatman and Big Nose Kate and everyone in between. Could get deep, so I suggest waders. Friday, December 10 in the Learning Center at the Desert Caballeros Museum. Starts at 11 A.M.

   Sleeping bags recommended in case you don't have overnight accomodations.

   See you there. I am going to arrive early because I have to set up a bunch of stuff and schlepp in magazines from the Flex. I tell you, it's so damn sexy being a history speaker, it's not even funny. Well, maybe a little funny, because. . .

"If you are going to tell the truth, better make them laugh. Otherwise, they will kill you."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson, or, variously ascribed to George Berhnard Shaw, Cecile Starr, Charles Ludlam, Richard Pryor, James L. Brooks and others, I kid you not.

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