Sunday, October 16, 2022

Here They Come Again! The Five Sisters of Shonguapavi

 October 16, 2022

   We keep thinking they're going to end, but here they come again! Massive rain clouds rolling in over Ratcliff Ridge this afternoon. 


  We're not complaining mind you. When it's 68 degrees at ten in the morning, you kind of go all loosey goosey with joy. On a related note, I actually wore a long-sleeved, flannel shirt for the first time since, oh, I don't know, 1998? It's been a looooong, hot spring, summer and fall and for the first time in memory, we are smiling!

   Meanwhile, been working on a couple last minute fillers for the Cascading Collage. Thought these five sisters might find a place in the mix

Daily Whip Out:

"The Five Sisters of Shonguapavi"

   And thanks to a reminder from a wonderful reader, Deborah Holland, we are going to include this fine shelf, I mean rack, I mean specimen of a woman.

"Tea Cup Sally"

"If you want happy endings, read a cookbook."

—Dean Young

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