Sunday, October 23, 2022

The Blue Line Beginnings of The Cascading Collage

 October 23, 2022

   It started in a barn with blue lines (and white socks).

The Blue Line Beginning of

The Cascading Collage

       Followed by a flurry of sketches. . .

  And, then Mark McDowell and Brent Bond, of Cattletrack Arts Compound, created five big sections of board to fit within that blue line and we went through some gyrations until we ended up here.

   And, then here. . .

 Section Five of the Cascading Collage

And here is a short film on the process from Ken Amorosano.

The Making of The Cascading Collage

   This crazy and ambitious project will premiere on November 4, at the Phippen Art Museum outside Prescott, Arizona.

   Be there, or be square.

"Never mind the mule bein' blind—jes load the wagon."
—Glendon Swarthout, "Cadillac Cowboys"

"Tinker's Team" by Harold Septimus Powers

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