Friday, October 28, 2022

Muy Muy Mexicano: He's In The Jailhouse Now

 October 28, 2022

   Took this last night of Uno outside the Jailhouse. Actually with that hang dog look Uno looks like he is IN the jailhouse, which is actually our pumphouse but we built it to look like an old jail.

Uno's In The Jailhouse Now

   The stone driveway was inspired by our 2003 trip to Spain when Thomas Charles was on a student exchange program in Valencia and we took a car trip and landed in the hanging village of Cuenca, and the entire town was paved with stones like this and I took that inspiration with me back to Cave Creek. Every day I would go for a walk down in the creek bottom and bring back flat stones and we built this driveway a la Cuenca, as I like to put it.

Muy Muy Mexicano

Daily Whip Out:

"Carlos Maraca Dressed to The Nueves"

   Do you know how insane someone would sound if they time traveled from the present, back to the past, to report on what is going on in our world?

Here is what I have to report:

   Your grandkids will sport disparate, jumbo tattoos all over their arms and legs, and the more different and weird the designs are, the more they will like it.

   Your phone will kill the flashlight business and the Yellow Pages and the phone book itself. Oh, and your phone will kill the map store, the wall calendar and many radio stations, oh, and the CD, and the need for a wallet or a newspaper. Not to mention your attention span.

"The problem with Hollywood is, they've all read the book, they've been to these lectures. They know how to tell a story, but they don't have anything to say."

—Robert McKee, best selling author on story, character and script development

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