Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Mucho Mas Monsoons Mucho Mas Caliente Mamacitas

 October 5, 2022

   We keep hearing the monsoons are over but go tell that to these clouds angling in last night over Ratcliff Ridge.

Mucho Mas Monsoon

   Every generation thinks they have the most beautiful women in the history of the world, but the Eduardians, for one, had their fair share of cuties to swoon over.

One Fine Eduardian Contemplator

   Not too shabby considering she is probably someone's great, great grandmother.

When Cowboys Are In-dins

   One of the cover stories we are considering for 2023 is a feature on these guys:

In-din Cowboys

   Many Native Americans took readily to the cowboy life since it involved one of their favorite activities, hunting on horseback.

End of An Era at True West magazine

   Gonna miss this wonderful woman who is retiring as General Manager of True West magazine after a solid 23 year run.

Carole Compton Glenn, at right,

with her mother and her brother,

William Edward Compton. 

Yes, she is wearing a Razz Revue T-shirt.

   If you Google the definition of "customer service" Carole's photo should be there. I cannot tell you how many emails and letters from subscribers began with, "Tell Carole Glenn thank you for straightening out my subscription."

   Thanks to Kathy Sue, Carole was my first hire and she always showed up and guided us through some seriously rough sledding. Thank you Carole!

"Why is it that every so often history demands a bloodbath, a holocaust, an Armageddon? And why is it that every time the time before has taught us nothing?"

—Graham Swift

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