Saturday, October 29, 2022

When Neighborhood Dogs Meet And Road Kids Hit The Road

 October 29, 2022

   On our morning walk yesterday, Uno wanted so bad to go after a coyote. Fortunately he was on a leash and I kept him at bay. Later—off the leash—he encountered this.

Friend or foe?

   Actually, it's Bev's dog Fluffy from up the road. And they do this dance every single time they meet.

Okay, let's touch noses first. . .

   Then, they do that attractive smelling of the rear deal about seven times. It must be some dog protocol thing.

   Speaking of road rituals. . .

Grandpa Ha Ha's Road Rituals

   We are taking our grandkids on a road trip next spring and the first thing I do is to remind everyone where we've been.

Our Road Kids on the way to
Billy the Kid's grave, summer of 1984

   And. . .

Thomas Charles at the fort named for him, December 18, 1992, 6:05 PM

   Yes, I like to remind everyone of the history of road trips in our family.

   One of the extra benefits of road trips is finding good postcards that capture the flavor of the locale you are going to visit.

A Roadside Bozecard

   And, then this one:

Another Roadside Bozecard

   There's many more rules, but we'll cover those tomorrow.

"Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason."

—Jerry Seinfeld

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