Monday, October 16, 2006

October 16, 2006
I've been finding some sweet little paintings that were lost in my morgue. Here's one of Billy the Kid playing cards at Casa de Patron, with handcuffs on. He reportedly said to a new player, "Don't try to take my jewelry," meaning his handcuffs.

And I found a Lt. Gatewood portrait (from a 1994 Geronimo project), which was kind of horsey, so I repainted and blended the edges, adding some of the excess paint into his skin tones and hair. It's much nicer, and quite haunting if I do say so myself:

And, as promised, here is an image of the protagonist for the Top Secret Project. He wears a poncho/serape that is a quilted hodge podge of Mexican and Navajo blankets, and oh, yes, part of a discarded American flag. One more hint: he's yearning to be free:

And finally, sometimes I just can't help painting beautiful women, in this case Sienna Miller:

"A magazine is the nursery of genius."
—Thomas Paine

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