Sunday, October 01, 2006

September 30, 2006
I’ve got two speeches today. The first one at the Glendale Public Library, then a speech tonight up at Mormon Lake. Let’s catch up on the mail:

More Good Horse Dropping Sightings
“There is a very excellent Robert Aldrich movie released in 1972 called Ulzana's Raid with Burt Lancaster (and if you look closely, you will see stunt man Richard Farnsworth). Anyway there is a scene where the US Cavalry is chasing Apaches and the young Lieutenant played by Bruce Davison examines horse droppings to try to figure out how far ahead the Indians are. I recommend that you check this film out as it is very good and right up the alley of what your ‘secret project’ is all about. One criticism though, they have the Cavalry wearing hat cords. Otherwise the look is great!

“The rumor is that when we were working on the film Geronimo; An American
that the original screenplay written by John Milius was similar in
nature to Ulzana's Raid but that it was toned down quite a bit by the
time it was made. The Burt Lancaster film is very brutal!”
—Jim Hatzell

“Hello Mr. Bell, my name is Herb Smith and I live on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. During a visit to the doctor's office, I came across an issue of your True West magizine and found it to be quite interesting. Using a Yahoo search, I managed to locate your website and found it to be very interesting also and am looking forward to placing a subscription for True West. My wife and I are in our mid 50's and we have been told by our physicians that a change of atmosphere would greatly assist us in relieving some of the symptoms that we suffer due to arthritis and other medical problems. They suggested, since we are both retired, that a move to the American Southwest would do us a lot of good.

“We have done a lot of searching and reading of information on the internet but cannot quite find the type of information that we are looking for. We are tired of putting up with the hustle and bustle, traffic and rushed life-style out here in this area. We are looking for an area of smaller towns where things are more layed-back, where life moves a lot slower and I thought, who better to ask than someone like yourself who has been there and seen it for yourself.

“Are there any places left where you can find horses, wagons and buggies used alongside of modern vehicles in daily living? Are there any places left where the stores and shops and the towns in general are more like life used to be in the late 1800's? Since my wife and I are retired, we could live pretty much anywhere. Would you have any suggestions that we could research and look into? Any information would be useful and let me thank you now for your time and assistance.”
—Herb Smith

Herb, you need to read our Top Ten Western Towns issue (Jan. 2006), but unfortunately it's sold out (you can read the article on our website here). However, in each subsequent issue we have been running a column called “What’s it like to live there?” And you will find plenty of towns to move to. Based on your requirements though, I would recommend a.) Lincoln, New Mexico, or b.) a Mennonite community. Good luck.

The Adam Doesn’t Fall Far From The Family Tree
“I just wanted to confirm what some folks have already told you. You do look like your Great Grandfather Adam! In fact, when I first glanced at the photo on the blog I thought it might be one of those staged, "old-time", photos of you and some of your family taken a couple of years back at some festival or another. Also, I wanted to comment on ‘Beauty’. What an outstanding job, amigo! A truly gorgeous study of a truly gorgeous subject. Bravo!”
—Chris Casey, Maniac #946, Sierra Vista, AZ

“Hey BBB! That guy with the gallouses behind the wheel of that car does look like you. looks like he’s even wearing a hat and has a moose stash.

“Enjoying your Apache stuff. my favorite bad indian portrayal in a movie by a non-indian is Rock Hudson who plays Young Bull in Jimmy Stewart’s Winchester 73.

“Hey glad to hear I am alive and well in the TW archives. hope RR used the Cave Creek map showing where TW is located.”
—Gus Walker, The Mapinator

Yes he did.

“You don't have to stay up nights to succeed; you have to stay awake days.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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