Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4, 2006
I tried to order Ulzana's Raid from Netflix but they don't have it. Very disappointed. They have had everything else I've requested. Got one of those "We get so many requests, don't hold your breath" customer response Emails.

More Guides On Guidons
"And the familiar Red and White Cavalry guidon is so because it depicts the colors of St. George, the only saint depicted as mounted. You need to check out Stephan’s THE HORSE SOLDIER series. It will provide you with the highest detail for your cavalry work."
—Allan Huffines

Got a phone call from Clay Thompson of The Arizona Republic who got a question for his column about Sore Finger Road. He Googled it and this blog came up, regarding Vince Murray and I going out to Wyatt Earp's Sore Finger Mine last year. It seems to me, the cross references are getting quite surreal, no?

Cheekbone City
We are doing a feature on the big South Dakota Crazy Horse monument that I referenced last week in my diatribe about In-din cheekbones. As I mentioned at the time, the facial structure doesn't seem In-din enough, and I think it's because his face is too narrow in a northern European kind of way. In fact, he seems to have more in common with George Washington than Crazy Horse. I did a sketch of the same view, only with enhanced cheekbones. Not sure if that makes a difference. I also think the high hairline doesn't help either, but I'm just throwing rocks here:

Finished my December editorial and picked out a Honkytonk Sue punchline. Robert Ray is shoe horning it in even as I type this. We had two different couples come in this morning, the first was Bill and Thelma Diamond of Cottonwood. Bill has been a subscriber since 1953 and has every issue. Thelma rolled her eyes and said, "He won't let me throw any of them out." And I said, "Thelma, you've got to get used to the idea that Bill is a genius. Imagine how much money these will be worth." She asked how much, and I said, "many, many ponies."

"Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open."
—Alexander Graham Bell (no relation)

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