Friday, October 20, 2006

October 20, 2006
Exciting night in Scottsdale last night at the annual Art Walk. Big crowds, had to park three blocks away. True West had two tables on the north side of Main in front of the Rain Bird Gallery. Live music, milling celebs and blond trophy wives on prominent display. Saw Bill Ridenour (from Kingman), Flnt Carney and Tammy, Jessi Colter and Dan Duffy. Jessi has a photo spread in Vanity Fair. They posed her outside the Alamo, dressed in a Nudie original. Dan and I talked a bit about Pischke’s. They are broke and need help. Janice LaRue from New Times. She has been there for 25 years. Allen and Hedi Fossenkemper who brought along a Dutch teacher who is exchanging his class in the Netherlands for her class. She will go teach there, while he teaches here. His name is Harry (which he pronounces Har-EE). I took the opportunity to have him give me the Dutch pronunciation of Van Gogh, which came out somewhere south of Vun Gaughghghth. I tried to repeat it, but he never was satisfied with my gutteral attempts. Also, Rembrandt is more like Rem-brundt and Vermeer, well, it was off the chart. Personally, I'll go Dutch.

Got home at 10:30, feeeling tired but inspired. I walked around and looked at all the art and I made a vow to redouble my efforts. There are some people doing very good things. Besides, I like what that ol' gal Janet Erskine Stuart says:

“The great thing, and the hard thing, is to stick to things when you have outlived the first interest, and not yet got the second, which comes with a sort of mastery.”
—Janet Erskine Stuart

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