Wednesday, October 18, 2006

October 18, 2006
I woke up to another spectacular sunrise this morning. Makes me wonder how you could live here and not be an artist:

Worked last night off a new photograph of Tom Horn, this one taken in Denver. It's being offered by Cowan's Fall Historic Americana auction. If you want to see the actual photo for yourself it's at:

Dan Harshberger's sister Charlene was cleaning out her late mother's belongings and found this gem of a photo, taken of Dan (at left) and the future Skinny Little White Ass, at White Hills ghost town in 1959, or so. Dan's parents took us out there on a Sunday picnic and we played cowboy in the old buildings (they are long gone by now). I seem to remember that Mattel made these very authentic Winchesters, which we are both carrying, in addition to the requisite "Fanner Fifties". Note that Little White Ass is already wearing mocassins, no doubt getting ready for his warrior journey even back then:

"Twenty-four-hour banking? I don't have time for that."
—Steven Wright

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