Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22, 2006 Bonus Blog
I had a good day. Went over to Bryan Newmeister’s at 3:30 to try out some of his new equipment. He is such a pro. He and Marshall Trimble just won a Rocky Mountain Emmy for their show “Back Roads Arizona.” The specific show that won was one on Tombstone (I was a talking head in it).

More Feedback
“You know I find your blog very interesting! And of course its about you and your interests. That's what makes it Your Blog! Notorious outlaws, lawmen, cavalry, In-jun! But every once in a while I get to feeling defensive for the Real Folk who settled the West! The women who managed to live life there without going crazy, or maybe in spite of going crazy! The average guy who managed to not run into your notorious gun toters or too many rattlesnakes or a case of blackleg picked up from the cow herd. The folks whose main success was that they endured. Endured hardship and boredom, bad weather and huge distances and the sight of very few other than the immediate family or crew. Seems we don't hear much about them because they weren't photographed or written up. It's why I like to read Mari Sandoz (fiction and non-fiction) and Sandra Dallas (fiction that seems possibly believable). And actual letters from folk of the times and places of the Western past. Not to discourage you from your area of expertise! Hang in there! Would just like to find someone with your concentration and dedication that focuses on those other folk."
—Sharon Tally

I’m sure they’re out there and I’m sorry I don’t know where to send you. I’m too busy being an immature male who is still crazy about the violence and the un-PC part of the West. I’m not mocking you, it’s just the truth. Good luck, Sharon, maybe you should write a blog about “those other folk.”

“Maybe when I retire, which is closer than I hate to admit.”

“Commitment is never an act of moderation!”
—Kenneth Mills

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