Friday, October 06, 2006

October 6, 2006
A second thunderstorm rolled in at about midnite last night (we got hit yesterday afternoon as well). Heavy thunder and rain. I woke up several times in the night and heard dogs breathing nearby. I imagined it was all part of a dream, or was a window open? At about four I heard a yelp from the bathroom. Kathy had gotten up and gone in there to find Buddy Boze Hatkiller lounging around the commode. Peaches was on my side of bed, curled up on my shoes. Both had evidently jimmied the front door (dog burglers!) and got in during the thunder.

Speaking of rain and doggin' it. . .

When It Raids It Pours—Ulzana
Ulzana's Raid is scheduled to play on Encore Westerns: (all times Eastern and Pacific)

• 10/6, 8 pm

• 10/7, 2:05 am

• 10/12, 3:45pm & 10:20 pm

• 10/16, 3:40 pm

• 10/22, 10 pm

• 10/31, 1:10 pm & 10:20 pm

“It plays again in February and July of 2007, so this might be the time to work up a couple of True West Moments about cavalry and Natives.
—Jeff Hildebrandt

Thanks Jeff, and thanks to Alan and Jim and C. Neil, I'm going to check out this Western with new eyes. And if I know myself, you can expect a slew of cavalry images on this site in the near future.

“There are two classes of people who tell what is going to happen in the future: those who don't know and those who don't know they don't know.”
—John Kenneth Galbraith

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