Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31, 2006
Halloween in the office. I came dressed as a Mexican beach bum. Grabbed a pair of parachute pants out of my studio morgue (I keep odd clothing for photo reference), a Corona straw hat, a Salsa Challenge T-shirt (complete with salsa stains), harachi sandals and white socks and sunglasses. I know, pretty weak, but it was a last minute deal.

Staff photo to come.

Competing With Myself
Sometimes I compete with myself—and lose. We put together a comp cover for our upcoming Resource Book, which goes to press this Thursday. I hated the cover art and intended to do a better version for the final. Yesterday was my first chance at attacking it, and I spent about two hours at lunch whipping out a "better" version. There is only one problem: everyone in the office, likes the first one better! The clincher: Robert Ray says the new one looks like R.G. So I lost, competing with myself. Here's the two images:

"My hated figure is the Western hero who rides along looking like a transvestite, strumming his guitar, nasally singing a synthetic ballad, and looking for all the world like a fugative from a cheap circus."
—John Meston, the head writer for the original radio series Gunsmoke

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