Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 26, 2006
Well, wish I had a dime for every time I wrote this date, today. Trish Brink and Samantha Somers drove down from Cave Creek to help me sell my Classic Gunfight book in front of the O.K.Corral today and we sold a ton of books, and of course I signed the books with my name, the date, and the fact that it was signed at the O.K. Corral. Tombstone was mobbed with people, probably four times as many people as when I attended in 1981.

Most memorable moment was being in the corral at 2:30 for the reenactment and Bob McCubbin and I were looking straight at the gate where the Earps were going to arrive, and as they came down the street, literally dozens of cam corders being carried by the faithful outside on Freemont Street, came stumbling into view. A guy carrying a boom mike stumbled and fell (this is all we could see, but it presaged the Earps arrival and seemed to be a perfect moment to capture our time). The reenactment was about what you'd expect, but the Greek chorus of video cam corders, a literal wall of electronic gear, is the memory I'll take away from this, the 125th Anniversary of the O.K. Corral fight.

More later, wanted to post this ASAP. Another big day tomorrow.

"You sons of bitches have been looking for a fight and now you can have it."
—Wyatt Earp, 125 years ago, today

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