Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October 24, 2006
Cloudy out this morning. We had a chance for rain but it didn't materialize. Air is cool and nice. Our highs are mid seventies.

I have been studying a cavalry photo with Jim Hatzell and Alan Huffines, both army experts. The photo in question was run in the new Michael Blake book Indian Yell and purports to be a photo of the Seventh Cavalry. This photo (below) is also in our True West photo archives but ours says it's a photo of the "famed 8th cavalry, as it returned from the famed engagement that put a stop forever to the Indian uprisings." Here it is:

The question I have is, where are the guidons? I don't see any. They should be in the middle of the column. There appears to be some possible flags on the sides of those horses, perhaps being carried across the pommel? Not sure. Need an expert opinion. Here's a closer look:

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