Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 17, 2006 Bonus Blog
Went home for lunch and finished two paintings. The first one is another "Blue Boy" and it's called Moon Over Mickey. It's quite subtle, hope you can make him out:

The second one is called Al Sieber's Regret and I think I captured the old boy. He was a tough SOB, played by Robert Duvall in Geronimo: An American Legend, which I just finished watching on my office computer. They sure had a great premise and I heard that John Millius, who wrote the original script, quit in disgust when they started adding all the PC baloney. And they sure added a bunch. For example, when Geronimo (Wes Studi) confronts Chato for being a scout, G-Man says derisively, "I see you are wearing the blue coat." What they didn't say is that Geronimo himself was for a short time a reservation policeman, but of course that undercuts his righteousness. I really hate that PC crap, and I'll bet old Sibi (Al Sieber) would as well:

"Must be Texans. The lowest form of white men there is."
—Robert Duvall (playing Al Sieber in Geronimo, referring to who may have scalped a group of poor, defenseless Apaches)

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