Monday, June 11, 2007

June 11, 2007 Bonus Blog
Here's the photo from Winterset when I spoke at the unveiling. I'm actually demonstrating the width of my plaid shorts (which you can't see behind the podium):

Watched the last three episodes of The Sopranos last night. I hated the ending, total copout. Kathy thought it was "perfect." Carole Glenn felt the same way as Kathy and her hubby, John, hated it as well. Could it be a testosterone issue? We felt cheated by not bloody ending? Probably.

The Queen of Country Swing Inquiry
"I've got four issues of Honkytonk Sue, the comic, apparently from New Times (there's an ad for "Desert Leather" custom-made boots on the back of each one.)

"They're good quality, but on thin newsprint that's getting old, and (as far as I know), they've been out of print for a long time. Reprinting all four issues into one glossy trade paperback would show the quality of the art better, and introduce a great character and some damn funny writing to a lot of people who might never have seen her.

"Don't know how you'd go about it, but I expect you have a lot of publishing connections. It's distribution that could be the problem.

"If you decide not to republish in paper format, you might want to consider putting the comics online. I've seen a lot of good websites like this. Can't help it...I've always been a Sue fan, and I never thought the comic got half the props it deserved."
—Tom Brosz

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