Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25, 2007
Long drive home (446 miles door to door). Got here yesterday at about noon. Took a two hour nap, slept ten hours last night. Really crashed. Here's a couple photos from my trip.

Horse Springs coming in from the west, and Horse Springs coming in from the east:

Linda Aragon in her store, and outside. The name of the store translates into "The Gossip."

And here's Linda pointing across the road to the adobe she was born in:

Here's Trish Brink and Lady Stetson organizing the art opening on Thursday afternoon in the True West Art Gallery tent. Thanks to them and Sam, we were ready to rock and roll at 7 P.M. when the mob attacked us from both ends of the tent:

The kid who portrayed the Kid on Wednesday night, Dave Faas, told me he wanted to find an accurate bibbed shirt like the real Billy is wearing in his only known photo, and he also wanted to find a sugarloaf sombrero. He found both and here they are:

Received the new follow-up book on the Ketchums, "The Deadliest Outlaws" by Jeffrey Burton today. Can't wait to dig into it. Burton, who is a Brit, is considered the best authority on the Black Jack and the Boys. I'm thinking of doing a whole slew of Wild Bunch Classic Gunfights for the next volume of CG. My trip to Helper, helped get me jazzed about it.

Another Hugh O'Brian Bit of Wisdom
When asked by a young TV reporter why he came to End of Trail, the legendary Wyatt Earp actor gave a one-word answer:


"The world never puts a price on you higher than the one you put on yourself."
—Sonja Henie

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