Friday, June 15, 2007

June 15, 2007 Bonus Bonus Blog
Robert Ray and I worked all day on getting some potato chips in the can. This is TW slang for getting one-page articles, kind of odd page fillers (when our schematic meets the deadline and it all comes down to the wire, sometimes odd spaces fall out and we need editorial filler, thus the term potato chip—betcha can't read, just one). We created about six of them, or blocked them in. Some are canibalized from True West Moments and some are poached from the SASS Cowboy Chronicle pieces we have done for them.

Took Robert to lunch at China Joy up in Carefree ($18-something, TW account). Talked about printing problems and production flow.

Got a funny cartoon from The Top Secret Writer about a month ago. Had it on my copy stand in my office and it has made me smile every time I look at it. As Jana used to say, "I think I resemble that remark."

I'm probably breaking copyright laws, but please forgive me Mr. Bizarro and King Features (Hi Rocky!). Check out more of Bizarro great cartoons @

Cleaned off my desk. That took the entire afternoon.

"War destroys any conception of goals, including any conception of the goals of war. It even destroys the idea of putting an end to the war."
—Simone Weil

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