Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16, 2007
Got up at 5:30 and drove up to Bev's for an early morning haircut. Really nice out and we had a grand time ($20 cash).

Eric, from 24-Hour Car Care, came out to the house on Monday and replaced both brake pads in Kathy's Escape. Said they were worn beyond repair and it was lucky the car even stopped. He didn't leave a bill (so Cave Creek). I called him and he said, "Well, I didn't see any U-Haul trucks in your drive-way so I'm guessing you're good for it."

I leave for New Mexico on Tuesday morning. Going via San Carlos where I'll shoot some Apache photos with my two models down there, then off, down past Fort Thomas (our son always makes us stop to take a photo at the sign. We have pics of him at a couple different ages, pointing gleefully at the sign. The fort is long gone), then on to see Lew and Tara Jones in Mogollon, New Mexico. Up Wednesday and a stop in Reserve to visit with Henry Martinez about the Elfego Baca museum, then off across the Plains of Augustine to see Linda and Ty at, or near, Elephant Butte Lake, then to Albuequerque for the big BBB artshow out at Founder's Ranch, 40 miles east of Alb. Events all through the weekend. Plan on coming back on Sunday.

Kelly and Tom Augherton are taking care of the dogs and the chickens while I'm gone. I called JD "Mad Dog" Nelson at about 8:30 and asked if he wanted to drive down to Deer Valley to get the John Deere tractor tire fixed. He did, I picked him up and we drove down in my pickup. Stopped at a huge, new Lowe's on Happy Valley Road and bought hinges for the brooder addition to the chicken house ($12 something cash). Tire will be ready Monday (they had to order a tube). On the way back out to Cave Creek he told me about how he got the name "Mad Dog." Too funny. I also asked him where he is going to be living in Utah and he said "Mapleton, just north of Spanish Fork," and I laughed because I drove right through there last week on my way to Helper. Beautiful Valley and mountains.

Came home and took a nap, going to work on a couple paintings, "The Jerkwater Express," and "Birth of The Western". Both images are for the new batch of True West Moments, which Jeff Hildebrandt is working on even as you read this.

Allen Barra interviewed me for the American Heritage website. It is up and available for reading at:

Still cleaning and trying to get a handle on my studio and my office at True West. Came up to load out some crap. Nobody here. Kind of nice and quiet. Kathy has only been gone for four days, but I certainly have a newfound appreciation for how much she picks up after me ("Who is the jerk who keeps leaving dirty dishes in the sink?").

Oh. It's me. Ha.

"Oh how blessings brighten as they take their flight."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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