Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25, 2007 Triple Bonus Blog
“BBB, you said Hugh was a legendary bachelor, but I thought I heard (or read) where he was recently married to a long time friend. I believe she was a teacher or something and much younger than him( not that that matters).”
—Kip Coryea

Yes, your memory is correct. In fact, Hugh and his bride Virginia are celebrating their one year anniversary today, in Vegas. They have known each other for 18 years. She is a sweetheart. When I asked Hugh where he was taking his new bride for their anniversary he quipped, “Forest Lawn.” Ha. Actually, Hugh and Virginia were married at Forest Lawn a year ago today and they released butterflies. Hugh was 81 when they married and he's never been married before. Amazing for Hollywood standards, no?

“By the way, not only do you have lovely ladies working for you, they really work and do a good job. Also, Steve and Marcie Shaw did a marvelous job creating the True West Gallery. It really did showcase your artwork. And finally, it makes me wonder if that South Lake Tahoe fire was started by embers flying from the bridge you burned to Hugh O’Brian’s house.”
—Jeff Hildebrandt

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