Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29, 2007
Lost another hen. Just really blast furnace heat the last couple days. Down to six. Still got three eggs though.

Here's a treat. Deborah forwarded me the preview for the upcoming 3:10 To Yuma with Russell Crowe.;_ylt=AvRJtCnnh_8lEzvzME42pphfVXcA

And here's her comments:

"They've changed the plot to include Van Heflin's son in way more of the action. Not sure, yet, how that's gonna fly. It could make it more tense. Then again, why can't they just leave things alone? Also, the wife is a tad to Renee Zellweger-ish for me, and it all looks a little too modern. Still...the action looks good, and the mere presence of Peter Fonda kicks this up quite a few notches. I'll definitely see this on opening day. Can't judge it till I see it.

"Meanwhile, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll keep my favorite line, spoken by the Bisbee Marshal: 'Safe! Who knows what's safe? I knew a man dropped dead from lookin' at his wife. My own grandmother fought the Indians for sixty years... then choked to death on lemon pie. Do I have two volunteers?' Priceless."
—Deborah, Thousand Oaks, CA

P.S. Loved the recent Hat Nazis post. Those hats are REE-DICK-YOU-LESS...but real, so what is anybody gonna do?

Going down to pick up my John Deere front tire. Hate going out in the heat and the traffic, but I've got Mad Dog Nelson and Joe Yaeger coming over in the morning to put the tractor back together.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
Fear Factor Creator's Will: 'Heirs Must Eat My Ashes To Collect Inheritance'

I've noticed that in spite of my daily sketches, the quality ebbs and flows, with my proficiency going up and down, almost on its own will. Bob Brink's father taught him to aim higher because you will invariably hit lower, so I'm trying to aim a little higher today.

"To choose is also to begin."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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