Thursday, June 07, 2007

June 7, 2007
So I read in the Arizona Republic this morning about doctors and researchers finding a link to Alzheimer's in the brain, and how a cure or treatment is still years away. This was both comforting and disturbing to me because my mother had it and her oldest sister had it, as well as their mother, my grandmother. Kathy (who turned 57 today), is constantly on my ass to floss (there is some evidence to suggest that oral health, or lack thereof, is related to early symptons), and go to yoga, to hopefully ward off the devastating condition. I shrugged at all of this and went out to feed the chickens and water the plants. At about 8:10 the phone rang. I answered it:

"This is The Carefree Conference Resort. We have 300 healthcare professionals in our main ballroom waiting for you to speak."

I slammed down the phone, ripped off my favorite shorts (see Shame, below), put on the first thing I could find, sped out of the driveway and raced up to the CCCResort, breaking several state and federal laws on the way (it's about seven miles from my house). Swearing the entire way at myself and my addled brain (and promising to floss, go to yoga twice a week, etc.). Double-parked, ran across the parking lot, jumped a retaining wall, sped down the hallway and straight into the ballroom where hundreds of very nice women with name tags on smiled patiently, nodding and murmuring encouragement (God bless Health Care workers!). They were very sweet, and I opened with the above story. And we laughed and they seemed to enjoy the talk.

Shameful Shorts
"You are now officially disowned by your Kingman friends. The shorts you are wearing in the picture on yesterday's blog makes us turn away in shame. Your family has to be devastated."
—Charlie Waters

Yes, these are shorts Deena bought for her father in the early eighties at a swap meet in San Diego (in all honesty, she was trying to help her "hopeless father" be more hip, but that was 25 years ago). And yes, my family hates these shorts and I have had to physically retrieve them out of the garbage bin more than once. They are so comfortable and I do love them. The only regret I have is publishing a photo of me in them. Ha.

Well, it's 11 days and counting on AOL not loading on my office Mac. I can read and answer AOL emails on my home comuter, although I can't open attatchments there. So I'm forwarding them to my office account each morning. Really a pain, and I cannot beleive AOL would allow this to happend for so long. It's almost like they don't want to be in business any longer.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
Angelina Jolie Coming For Your Baby

Immediately after acquiring your child, Jolie will dress it in Betsey Johnson infant wear, give it a faux-hawk, name it after a random passage from The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, then resume her relentless search for babies.

"Who Wears Short-Shorts?"
—a lyric from an early 1960s group that I have long forgotten.

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