Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28, 2007
Working on The Endurance of The Horse issue (Sept.). Got an idea for the opening spread. Going home for lunch to work on it.

Peaches almost got bitten by a rattler last week when the TV crew from Cactus Shadows was here. Bill Watters told me they got it on video and it will premiere tonight at the Fine Arts Center at seven. Also included will be my intro and other snide comments, by me. Over the credits, they told me. We'll see.

When I was shooting Apaches last week at San Carlos, Dale's brother Doug does Apache skateboards with very cool designs. Here he is, at left, with Levi Miles, holding some of the rad boards he has done.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
Area Mom Really Gets Her Rocks Off On Being Appreciated

One of the cowboys I met at Founder's Ranch last week was Jose Luis Serra from Barcelona, Spain. He has always been in love with the West and cowboys and so recently he moved to Fredericksburg, Texas to live the life. I had fun talking with him, me using my broken Spanish and he his broken English, although I would admit his English was better than my Spanish. Really a nice guy and I admire his bravery, moving here and jumping right into the lifestyle. Quite courageous.

"Cowboys are romantics, extreme romantics and ninety-nine out of a hundred of them are sentimental to the core. They are oriented toward the past and face the present only under duress, and then with extreme reluctance."
—Larry McMurtry

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