Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 14, 2007 Bonus Blog
Robert Ray just shot me a j.peg of the White Mountain Apache Scouts photo (he was working on it for CG) and here it is:

It's in the National Archives and on the back of the photo it says:

"Lt. Thomas Cruse included in group of Company "A" Apache Indian Scouts (White Mt.) Also included, C.G. Gatewood, commanding; Sam Bowman, interpreter and Chief of Scouts; Lt. Thomas Cruse; Dr. McPherson; Alchesay, 1st Sgt. of the Company and Chief of the White Mountain Apaches, upon return from campaing [sic] for Victoria [sic] and his band, October, 1880. No way to tell who is who."

I'm pretty confident the guy with the big hat in the top, center is Gatewood, and I'm kind of assuming the guy above him is Sam Bowman, and the other white guy with the beard (extreme left, top) is probably the doctor, and Alchesay is clearly the Apache to the left of Gatewood, but I don't see any other white guys. So where's Lt. Cruse?

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