Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 10, 2007 Bonus Blog
As a parent of a male offspring in the Peace Corp I sometimes worry about whether he is getting along with the natives in his home country (Peru) and whether he is exporting family traditions in a positive manner. I think you will agree that I have no worries in either department. Check out this video at


In the search window, type in: Peace Corp B Day

American? Oh, yeah. From Kingman? Not quite (but close enough). There is no doubt that this boy is mine. Don't worry, I've already contacted the American Embassy.

Went home for lunch and worked on the painting for Endurance of The Horse. Not happy with the results. Going to do another one, but scanned this one for Abby to start the layout.

The Other Fellow's Version (In The Drew Gomber Shootout):
"I went to visit my brother-in-law to have a few cervezas, but wouldn't you know it, I went to the wrong house. Some guy came out yelling at me—'caboose! mongoose!' or something— he didn't speak Spanish. But I got the distinct idea he wasn't my brother-in-law. I jumped in my truck, lit up a cigarette, and all of a sudden the pendejo started shooting at me.
Fortunately his aim was as bad as his Spanish.

"I had no idea non-smoking laws were a capital offence in New Mexico."
—Anon No Mas (otherwise known as Dan Buck)

"It is the appreciation of beauty and truth, the striving for knowledge which makes life worth living in Peru."
—Old Peace Corp Saying

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