Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 25, 2007
Been swimming every day, although I missed on the big rain day. Feels good. Need to exercise more. My three chickens (there's a TV title waiting to happen) are doing fine. No mister now. Really muggy out and soggy in the coop. One of them (Gert) was bitching about it all the time I was feeding this morning. "You call this a condo? Where's the buffet? How come we never get to go out?" Stuff like that.

Jason Strykowski is leaving in the morning for the big Comic Con in San Diego. This thing is huge. They get upwards from 150,000 people at the four day event. Last Friday, he and Robert Ray whipped out a postcard for the trip. Abby Pearson added her thing to it on Monday and JC Printing whipped out 500 postcards. This is on the front:

So, the Top Secret Project is not so secret anymore. Yes, we are doing a graphic novel on Mickey Free and I will post storyboards and various script ideas right here on the blog, so you can see the work progress and even comment on it.

And, by the way, if you'd like a postcard, just click on the contact me button, above, and send me your mailing address, and how you want it signed. I'll send you one right out (as long as supplies last).

One of the things I ran across is a reference to Eugene Middleton's stagecoach having three seats inside the coach. I don't think I've ever seen this. The usual Concord stage has two benches, facing each other. The stage that carried the Apache Kid and seven other prisoners, had three benches. Is anybody familiar with this style stage and where I might get a good reference for it? I want to illustrate it accurately. By the way, the stage carried 12 people. Middleton, the driver, with two Indian prisoners up on the box with him, one prisoner riding on the boot (the back of the stage where luggage usually went) and eight inside, including Sheriff Glen Reynolds and deputy Hunkydory Holmes. That is one packed stage. No wonder the passengers had to get out and walk up the rainy grade west of Kelsey Wash.

And, by the way, if I was casting the BBB Straight To Home Video Movie here are my choices:

Kathy Radina: Bonny Hunt

David K. Jones: Jack Black

Jeanne Sedello: Eva Mendez

Wonderful Russ: Josh Regen

Bob Brink: Anthony Hopkins

Robert Ray: Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Abby Pearson: Lucy Liu

Carole Glenn: Susan Sarandon

"Romantic comedy is entertainment in the service of biological imperative. The world must be peopled."
—David Denby, on the new comedy of the sexes, specifically "Knocked Up" in New Yorker magazine

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