Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30, 2007
Jason just came in and inundated us with gifts from the San Diego Comic Con. Huge shopping bags (3'X3' with "Superman: Doomsday" on one side and "Smallville" on the other) and the special Comic Con DVD collection of 300 complete with a mask and other goodies ($50). Paul and I will fight over this item (actually Paul can have it). He also brought software for myspace comics, which is another avenue we need to pursue. Whew! First we need to get our website and MickeyFree pages up and running.

Meanwhile, here are some of sketches and artwork I belabored this weekebnd. Still trying to capture the Remington style of doing things, with mixed results. Below, left, is a rough sketch of how the prisoners sat in the Middleton nine-seat stage bound for Casa Grande (thanks to you John Culligan!). Really like the head on the right, middle page, but it's a dead-on knockoff of a Remington, so it doesn't really count. Need to push it to include new scenes done with his panache. That is the ballgame, to mash a metaphor worthy of my Kingmanistan kin:

Here's a page of Mickey Free images, trying to incorporate the dramatic posing of modern day comics. Semi-successful but not very Remington:

These two studies are way too Batman and not enough Sackrider. Ha:

Yesterday, a big thunderhead piled straight up over Ratcliff Ridge and rather than take a photo, I ran out into the front foyer and sketched the scene:

This is the looseness I want to convey in my storyboarding. Easily said, said the frenetic fanatic.

"Often the search proves more profitable than the goal."
—E. L. Konigsburg

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