Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24, 2007
As I was leaving the driveway this morning I noticed the driver's side door was ajar and as I kept driving, I opened and slammed it. The entire glass window shattered. Sat looking at it, stunned. Finally, turned around and put the Ranger in the garage and got out Kathy's Escape and drove it up to work. Glad I did, because it started raining again about ten.

Took the editorial staff to breakfast at Flapjack Deli Cafe to go over the 2008 editorial calendar. Got some very good ideas for themes and coverage.

Well, Robert Ray sent me another video, so let's take a gander. This was taped out at Festival of the West a couple years ago and is a good example of not using a teleprompter. I had to memorize the script (not easy) and perform it with a crowd gawking behind the camera. Notice how much more natural I seem without the "head locked down" phenom that happens when I'm reading off the teleprompter:

Carole's son, Bill, just wandered into the True West offices and we introduced him around. Good to see him. He's a great kid.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
New Gas Bill Designed By Some Kind Of Freaking Maniac

Sometimes I wonder if all this hard work will ever pay off. Then I think of something Ron once told me:

“This principle applies in business and in life: When you give enough, then you will receive.”
—Ron Kaufman

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