Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24, 2007
Got hit with a gully washer yesterday afternoon about 3:30. Came down for a good hour. My neighbor Joe Yeager said we got about 1.2 inches. As I left the office to go home at 5:30 I heard the TV helicopters hovering in the sky to the west and knew immediately what that meant (they were taping the flooding at Grapevine Wash, their fave photo-op spot). Drove to Grapevine Wash and sure enough traffic was backed up for a half mile and Spur Cross was closed and guarded by a sheriff's deputy (otherwise everyone would have tried to cross). Turned around and met Mark Boardman at Tonto Bar & Grill for dinner. Got home at 7:30 and did my six sketches.

Got two postcards from my Honey. These are of the hatmakers and the street where she bought my hats:

Casting Ideas For The BBB Straight To Video Movie
"So, who would play you? Not Nick Cage... hmm... Drew Carey maybe? No, he's busy now with Price is Right... Someone willing to wear a 20 year old, out of style shirt with shorts and dress socks... Wow, I think the readers need to have a field day with this one, Bob... Who would play Kathy? Someone smart & funny... and tolerant... Salma Hayek (with ice cubes for the tub)? Michelle Pfeiffer? Julia Roberts? I'm thinking that John Lovitz would be good for David K. Jones..."
—Harold Roberts

My talented Cody, Wyoming friends, Steve and Preston Randolph put together a nifty promo for Classic Gunfights, the TV version. You can check it out right here:

Really struggling with the Top Secret Project. Carole Glenn sent me a few words of encouragement:
"Your opportunity for success is right in front of you. Don't procrastinate when faced with a difficult problem. Break your problems into parts and handle one part at a time. Develop a tendency toward action. You can make something happen today. Break your big plan for success into small steps and take the first step right away.

"Success starts with beginning."
—Carole Glenn

"You mean, like now?"

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