Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007 Bonus Blog
Got another call from Bob Pugh down in Tucson and he says he is getting tons of orders now for Classic Gunfights, Volumes I and I (the new book, volume III is pulling orders for the previous volumes). Some libraries are ordering five of each. Sweet.

Also got a couple rave reviews from participants:

"Many thanks for CLASSIC GUNFIGHTERS. A splendid book; and such blurbs! Annie & I were especially delighted in the dual copies, which will make property settlement matters easier, should that bridge ever have to be crossed. I have only skittered around the chapters, but a certain theme seem apparent . . . men. What troublesome creatures they are. Gus's maps are a treat. And thank him for putting Cucho back in its spot."
—Dan Buck

"The book and check received; thank you!! And what a book! Stunning. Epic. Evocative. You truly are the master at depicting 'the moment' in Western history—something neither a camera nor a classical painter could have caught: the instant, the twinkling, the split section of action in its purest distillation. I'm very grateful for the copy, and for seeing my work very sharply reproduced therein. Keep up the great work....and don't spread yourself TOO thin all over the place...we want you healthy, and producing many more decades of stuff!"
—Gary Zaboly

" By the way, this is post number 1,800."

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