Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4, 2007
This just in from my sea faring mistress:

"Hey, I'm 2 hours behind you, and I get to Ecuador tomorrow where I plan to buy you a Montechristo Superfino hat for $250, and it's going to be fantastic!! Can you send a picture of how you want it blocked? Or post it on your blog so I can print it?

"We had a Cultural Briefing last night on the topic of Ecuador, and I am really excited to see this country. I am going to go on my own little cultural adventure and my goals are to find the perfect Panama Hat for you, spend time with native Ecuadorians and see some of this beautiful country. To that end, I am striking out on my own. We dock in Guayaquil, a supposedly great city on it’s own, and it’s about $90 round trip and one hour each way to fly to Quito or Cuenca from there, so I’m going to do both, and spend a day in each city. As a result of my research, I discovered I can take a bus for about six hours plus or minus, to the town of Montichristi to the home of the best hatmaker in the country. He hand makes Montichristi Superfino Panama Hats, OR I can go to a special store in Guayaquil that sells them. I’m doing the latter. Then I’m flying to Quito for the day where I will eat potato cheese soup, and guinea pig, visit a museum and two churches, and then back fly to the ship. I’m also flying to Cuenca for the day to do the same thing, AND tour a Panama Hat factory where they make good hats, but of course not the Montichristi Superfino (and I know how to tell the difference). My plan is to befriend a driver who will show me the sites, speak to me in Spanish, and have lunch with me. I’m also going whale watching one day."
—One Fine Mistress

I have drawn up six sketches of the kind of hat I want, with some wide variance, because I'm not married to any one style or detail. For example, I wouldn't mind if the crown was unblocked. Remember the Panama style hat I bought in San Diego about twenty years ago (yikes!)? it had an un-creased crown with a deep curled brim. If you brought me that style hat I would love it! So don't feel like you have to get the minute details exactly correct as I've drawn them on my sketches here on the blog. They are just suggestions towards the styles I lean towards, but you know me, I love suprises, or creative twists.

It's just very cool that you are doing this for me and I am thrilled, humbled and very appreciative. Thanks in advance and make sure you ask for the Hat Nazi discount.

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