Monday, July 30, 2007

July 29, 2007
Yesterday was our 28th wedding anniversary. Celebrated by eating a bean burro, alone. Ha.

Got a very cool stagecoach postcard from Fred Nolan in England. It shows the stage coming into Santa Fe and appears to be a contemporary illustration, that is, drawn from that early period when horses running were illustrated like rocking horses. Note the windows on the stage looking more like a cathedral facade than a Concord. Accurate? Not sure. Also, can't tell if the "La Fonda" sign has been added later, as I believe it was known as the "Exchange Hotel" in the early 1880s. Still, it's inspiring. And I thank you Fred!

Jason's Final (and only) Dispatch from "Geek Diego"
"After three hectic days in San Diego cruising the 5 and the San Diego Convention Center, I have learned a few things. Regardless of the size of the venue, 160,000 people is too many. On many occasions I have tried desperately to get into a panel or film showing and a line of thousands has prevented me. We missed the 300 showing to catch an advance of Superbad, but didn't get into Superbad and missed most of 300 [which they showed in the Padre's stadium]. The Warner Bros staff actually decorated Petco Park, home of the Padres, with fake red satin and red carpets.

"It also amazes me just how much skin floats around this place. More than anything this is an inappropriately dressed people convention. Some folks have clearly spent months toning their abs specifically for Comic-Con. Some have not.

"As far as the Mickey Free project is concerned, a few things were made apparent to me. I spoke to a brand manager from Diamond Distribution and he said that any publication marked as informational and historic will be pidgeonholed immediately. But, if it is full of action and uses non-modern, throwback-style art, he indicated that it has a chance. I took his card and he is awaiting a proof from us.

"I also picked up a copy of comic creating software. It is a little sharper than the brand we are currently using. Most importantly, it is designed to publish directly to myspace. If that sort of publication is good enough for Dark Horse, publisher of 300, its good enough for Mickey Free.

"I am told that one other publisher has a historic line. Although I can't find it here, Evil Twin comics has a line of comics featuring historic philosophers in action. Sounds likes its worth a read. Yes, I said philosophers.

"Publishers will run second editions of comics that are well-received during independent trial releases. I would vote for a limited release of Tri-Star Boze books.

"The postcards I placed on the freebie table vanished. Good news? Hopefully."
—Jason Strykowski

Worked all day on storyboarding. Executed some 27 scenes, or parts of scenes. Will post them when we get dialogue balloons in place. Woke up at 1:30 and began fretting at all of my shortcomings. My efforts arre too muddied and overwrought. Need to back off a notch and let it fly. Not easy. Ran through this for at least an hour, or more, before I drifted off into REM sleep.

Woke up hopeful. Took a good look at all the weekend work and I'm making tiny progress, but still. . .

"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome."
—Samuel Johnson

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