Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31, 2007
Just started to rain (5:45 P.M.). Sky is dark. Still at work. Stressed to the gills. Trying to finish the storyboarding of the opening scenes to Mickey Free while juggling my magazine responsibilities. We're working on the editorial calendar for 2008 and that is taking time (fortunately, very strong ideas from Meghan Saar, Mark Boardman and Jason Strykowski). Got saddled with a possible cover illustration for the next issue. Could be a stunner cover, but I need to get all of my stuff in by Friday, so I can clear the decks for my trip on Monday. Going to have to pull some late-nighters.

After a web meeting this morning, I went back home to my studio and worked up about five pages of storyboarding. Not finished, but rough layouts to give to Jason for layout and balloon handling. Finally got the layout of the first ten pages roughed in. Plenty of holes, but Jason is scanning and inputting as fast as he can.

We also have to complete a doubletruck ad for the October issue. This is also for Mickey Free and I need it roughed in by Friday as well. Not to mention Classic Gunfights and my editorial. Too much to do, but it has to be done.

I Don't Think They're In Kasas Anymore
"Marc and Alice Ferguson told me over the weekend that J.R. and Robyn from the Lake Way Hotel in Meade, gave up the good fight and moved back to CA. Believe the hotel is still for sale with just a caretaker and not taking reservations but that information has not been confirmed - their website is still up. Kansas is poorer without them."
—Ed LeRoy

Too bad. Really nice people who invested in an old hotel in Meade, served great food, put us up at the Classic Gunfights Extravaganza a while back. Unfortunately they got crossways with some wackos who give Kansas a bad name, and they finally gave up. I hate it when good people run up against small thinking. It's the bane of creative people everywhere. Usually there is a way if there is a will, but there are limitations:

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
Actually, Suicide Not The Easy Way Out For Area Quadriplegic

"The theatre is like a faithful wife, while film is the great adventure—the costly, exacting mistress."
—Ingmar Bergman, 89, who was married five times and knew a thing or two about mistresses, and he also died

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