Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007
Woke up at 2:22 A.M. and had this epiphany: "One good Remington." Went back to sleep, and woke up at 2:34 A.M. with this addition: "One good Remington is worth a thousand words."

Art & The Art of Arm Breaking
"When I was going to the American Academy of Art in Chicago 30 years ago, I had an Instructor that told us that it takes 2 things to complete a successful watercolor painting: #1 Talent. #2 A Friend to break your arm when the painting is finished!"
—Jim Hatzell

In the point by point responses to the Battle of Big Dry Wash criticisms, Dr. Sam Palmer alluded to tracking Al Sieber's movements by the unique weapon he was carrying. Sieber carried a .45-.75 Centennial Winchester and Palmer has been able to track him from tree to tree at the battle site, by the distinctive markings on the ejected shells. Here's an update on the weapon from the good doctor:

"In 1876, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company introduced the Model 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial, celebrating the anniversary of the declaration of Independence from British rule. The 1876 was chambered in much more powerful hunting cartridges than the 1873 model. Those living on the frontier welcomed it, for this was where Grizzlies frequently dined on settlers and large plains game required long range shooting to place meat on the table. The Model 1876 was the first big game repeater and would become the favorite hunting rifle of one of the greatest of all American outdoorsmen, Theodore Roosevelt. The Cimarron 1876 is the first and only 1876 made since this model was discontinued in 1898. Chaparral Arms has created a Cimarron Winchester Model 1876 45-75 With either 22", 26" or 28" Octagonal Barrel $850.00"
—Dr. Sam Palmer

Sam also told me on the phone one of the hostiles was shooting something called an "English Express," that makes a distinctive boom when fired. Another amazing thing is some of the Apaches in the fight had hollow point bullets.

The september issue of True West goes out the door this afternoon. It's a powerful sucker with great coverage on the endurance of the horse. Thanks again to Paul Boord who started all of this with a question to me that ran on the Westerns Channel last year. His question launched an entire issue as a theme.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
Five Minutes of Watching Indian Channel Leads To Five Hours Of Watching Indian Channel

"A picture is worth a thousand euros."
—Vincent Van Google

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