Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31, 2007 Bonus Blog
Can't go home. Waited too long at the office. Took off at about six, with rain really coming down and made it past the first big wash, Grapevine, which wasn't flowing hardly at all (I have five washes to traverse to get home). When I turned on Cahava Ranch Road I had a hunch that the fourth and fifth washes might be ripping and I wasn't disappointed.

The fourth wash was moving way too fast and I remembered going through this very wash in about 1991 on my way to my radio gig, early in the morning, and being in a 5,000 pound Land Cruiser and the sensation of the water pushing the car sideways. Got through, at four in the morning, then had to go past the other five washes and made it to work (KSLX), but as I limped through I realized just how stupid the stunt was. Fortunately, this time (going the opposite way and in a 2,500 pound Ranger) I had a more mature outlook: "That raging water will be the death of you Kingmanistan Boy."

Reluctantly turned around and started back. Cars on Spur Cross, going northbound, were backed up and I could see the headlights turning around. I knew the window was closing for me to get out. Got to the next wash and it was starting to really roar. Met a car coming the other way, and took a chance, and waded out into the rising water. Made it across, barely. The guy behind me hesitated and as I topped the ridge going towards Grapevine he was still there, and I knew I could be trapped between the washes for the night. Can 't go home, can't go back to town.

Got to Grapevine and it was a trickle, ripped across and went to Tonto Bar & Grill to wait out the storm. Had dinner (Apache beef and two glasses of Cabernet, ($28, plus $5 tip, Sue account). Other refugees from the storm were there and I learned the power was out in Carefree and many other washes were flooded, leaving many stranded. This has only happened maybe six times in 21 years. Got out at eight, drove up Spur Cross and as I rounded the bend saw the blinking lights. Now Spur Cross was closed at Grapevine. A long line of cars backed up and a sheriff's deputy at the front of the line, keeping everyone safe.

Turned around and came back to the office. Mighty quiet here at 8:30, right back where I started, at 8:30 this morning. But it sure beats one thing: trying to breath in an upside down Ranger. Ha.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
It's Amazing How Much You Can Learn About A Person Just By Hiring A Private Investigator

"Life is like the car pool lane. The only way to get to your destination quickly is to take some people with you."
—Peter Ward

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