Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27, 2007
Well, all I can say is God Bless the internet. Blog reader John Culligan sent me this Franklin Mint replica of a stagecoach with the roof off to see the three-seats:

Very cool. Thanks John.

Trying to get my truck window fixed. On hold with JC's Glass, for a three-way confirmation deal. Lots of VIN (vehicle Identification Number) questions, reading long numbers and letters over the phone, over and over. Now I'm listening to some crappy Kelly Clarkson type singer that I'd like to strangle if I could only reach through the phone and destroy the CD. But I can't. So I sit here on hold typing this to ease the pain of modern life. Ha.

Still on hold (9:20 A.M.). State Farm Link Agent just came on at 9:22 and told me the coverage is complete and the payment is zero. I told her I love those kind of zeroes. They are coming out Monday. Meanwhile, I drove the truck to work today like some Okie puttering out of the Dust Bowl, leaving shards along the roadway.

Classic Onion Headline de Jour
Special Olympics Investigated For Use Of Performance-Enhancing Hugs

Terry Earp Touch And Go
A TV producer, Steve Bodinet of Channel 3, called yesterday to get in touch with Terry or Wyatt Earp about a book she is supposedly doing. I called Wyatt (yes, that's his real name) and he told me Terry has been up and down, with 19 operations so far. She was hit while in a crosswalk, on her bicycle, with a helmet on, by a driver who ran a stop sign. She was dragged some 90 feet. The helmet saved her life. Still, it's amazing she is even alive. Been in special care in Denver for some time, got worse, coughed up blood recently, then came out of it. When I said to Wyatt, "So she's not working on any book then?" He said, "Oh, yes. It's called 'Final Chapter' and is going to be symbolic of the Boomer's last act." Wow! That woman is such a visionary. She has always been out front of the crowd at every milestone. For a good look at the both of them check out their website at:

Wyatt also told me his take on a certain type of Western historian:

Typical Western Historian ‘Tude, Re: Personal Turf and Containment
"I got it all right, they got it all wrong and anything they got right they stole from me.”
—Wyatt Earp

We both know plenty of "experts" in our field who resemble that remark.

"Keep that brush moving, if anything, you might get a slight breeze."
—Ray Geier, artist, teacher and fan of the blog

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