Friday, July 19, 2013

Bad Decisions In Halter Tops

July 19, 2013
   Usually, on Friday mornings, Kathy and I look in the newspaper at the movies coming out this week and see if there's anything we want to see. Like most couples, I assume, we trade choices: one week she chooses the movie and I choose the restaurant afterwards. This morning Kathy was trying to sell me on a new horror film (not my fave genre) that got four stars and she was reading me the review. The reviewer was talking about the cliches in haunted house movies where there are invariably characters who make "bad decisions in halter tops." This cracked me up and so I wrote that at the top of my sketch pad:

Daily Whipouts: "Bad Decisions In Halter Tops"

   I was also perusing a big, Noir book I own which is full of juicy, classic Noir movie posters and so, the juices started flowing and up pops Rita Hayworth (top left) and a few other halter topped femme fatales from my clip file.

   Just prior to this, I had been noodling 1940s gats and caps worn by Noir cops and came up with these two sketches:

Daily Whipouts: "Gats, Gams & Pleated Pants"

   Looks like we decided to go see a movie I had to sign a release for when they were filming it.

The producers wanted to use a True West magazine in one of the character's apartment, and I assume it is the Jeff Bridges character who has a Buffalo Bill vibe. Details tomorrow.

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