Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Whipping Post

July 23, 2013
  Went home for lunch and finished the Daily Whipout I started this morning:

Had some good things going here, not perfect, but some areas are very bold:

Daily Whipout: "Rain Rider With Blood On His Hands"

   Got some decent stuff going on the horse's butt, but ruined the damn hat. I had it, messed with it to make it better and turned it into a moss covered brim.

   Oh, and thanks to Mad Coyote Joe for giving me the title "Whipping Post" which I plan on using on bobbozebell.net. Thanks Joe!

"The sketch hunter moves through life as he finds it, not passing negligently the things he loves, but stopping to know them, and to note them down in the shorthand of his sketchbook.”
—Robert Henri