Friday, July 12, 2013

The Unlikely Son of A Gun And Sunset at Coyote Pass

July 12, 2013
   I'm working on a crazy little gunfight that happened in Cozad, Nebraska in October of 1882 and the outcome of the fight spawned an art career that is kind of mind boggling. The short version is John Cozad was a gambler and land promoter who shot and killed a cattleman. The dad fled the state, then he and the entire family changed their names and virtually all of them went on to be pretty amazing successes. The son is one of my art heroes and I never dreamed he was "The Unlikely Son of A Gun."

Daily Whipout, "The Son of A Gun"

   Whipped out a little study of Coyote Pass before I came into work today. This is Coyote Pass in the day of Captain Hardy (1860s) when he made it a toll road. Hardyville on the Colorado River was named for him.

Daily Whipout, "Sunset at Coyote Pass"

Kathy treated me to a Jim Gaffigan concert at Talking Stick Resort last night. We paid $65 for our tickets and it was sold out in a 1,600 venue. You do the math. He also did a book signing afterward, which seems to be a trend by comedians with books. Gaffigan was hilarious of course. Love his observations and he opened with the spelling of Phoenix and Tucson (the latter where he played the night before) and he did five minutes on an old cowboy saying, "Nope, I want it spelled like that. Don't care if it makes no sense." Just crazy amazing that he could do that just with his voice, that is, make it so damn funny. He then riffed on fry bread (he claims he saw a cafe with that sign on it on the way up to Phoenix) and he made that hilarious as well. "Okay, we know that bread is not good for you, so let's FRY IT!"

"Before we set our hearts too much upon anything, let us examine how happy those are who already possess it."
—Francois Duc de La Rochefoucauld