Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Gas Crack of Low Pants Vance

July 11, 2013
   My daily regimen is to get up at 6:30 and whip out six sketches before I check email. This morning I noodled a couple old memories of growing up on Route 66.

Daily Whipout: The Butt Crack of Low Pants Vance Filling His Y Block Ford With Ethyl.

I am a big fan of Rembrandt's cross hatching techniques and have always leaned in that direction in my black and whites. Got up this morning and whipped out this little study of The 66 Kid deep in a canyon (near the Diamond Bar):

I wanted to say this is Clacks Canyon, but it's too damn big, so, perhaps it's near the Diamond Bar?

"Part of the magic of shadowing the Old Trails along Route 66 is the spine-tingling sensation of following along parallel to the phantoms of the past."
—Old Armchair Highway Historian