Monday, July 01, 2013

Mocajete & The Mighty Mojaves

July 1, 2013
   Last Thursday night I had to drive down to Sky Harbor to pick up Kathy, who stayed in Pasadena to help the new parents of Weston Allen. Picked her up at 6:30 and decided to go to one of Tommy Bell's favorite Mexican food places and get his favorite dish:

Mocajete! A deep dish treat at 16th Street and Roosevelt

  Overcast today. Some of it is from the fire that killed 19 firefighters up at Yarnell over the weekend. I was just up there for a speech last month, or not that long ago. Hard to believe it went so quick. High, lush desert and a beautiful valley. Heard on the radio this morning that forest fires burn slow, but desert brush fires burn fast, especially if it' windy. We had a monsoon rain earlier in the season and that created quick grass, which proliferated, then dried out and created instant kindling for the fire. Lightning started it, but the winds came, ironically from another monsoon storm to the north which reversed the winds on the hotshots fighting the blaze and the fire turned around at fifty miles an hour and got them before they could even deploy their tent shields. Anyway, that's the version I heard this morning. Too sad.

Did quite a few Mighty Mojave sketches this morning before I came into work:

   Working on a True West Moment about the Mighty Mojaves. Most warriors of this Colorado River tribe were over six feet tall with some reaching 6' 5" or more, and with their heavily tattooed bodies they must have made a fearsome adversary.

Going tonight to see the sneak peek of The Lone Ranger. Review tomorrow.

"Getting a neck tattoo is probably the coolest way to show your love of manual labor."
—Durt McHurtt