Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Legends of the Road: Floyd Cisney of the Arizona Highway Patrol

July 9, 2013

   Worked this weekend on a few studies to illustrate Legends of the Road: larger than life characters who made their mark on Route 66.

Daily Whipout: Sgt. Floyd Cisney of the Arizona Highway Patrol at Coyote Pass

Nailed the pass but missed the Sgt. completely (see below for Mister Completely). Worked on more sketches this morning.

The image of Floyd at bottom, left is of him when he was older and the sheriff of Mohave County, but thanks to a Facebook friend, I located a younger photo of the patrolman and will attack that tomorrow. Yes, Floyd was responsible for more collars in terms of stolen cars than any other patrolman in the state. Meanwhile, also working on the rods of the time, like the famous "Uncertain-T" and the dudes who drove them, like the legendary Low Pants Vance:

Daily Sketches: Low Pants Vance and the Uncertain-T model T.

Ha. Pun-inflicted car names were the order of the day. Ed Mell always reminds me of a Phoenix rod named "Mister Completely", as in "Well, that's one doll I'll never nail." The '32 Roadster is from The Rodder's Journal, a high end glossy magazine Dan "The Man" Harshberger subscribes to and loaned me. Amazing how much money is in these cars. It's a dying art, though. I read in the New York Times kids today not only do not have a love of cars, but less and less even have driver's licenses, or even want one.

On my drive back from Cal two weeks ago I came the back way through Victorville, Apple Valley and a highway called Old Woman Springs Road. Really captivated me and I sketched an old pickup going across there when I got home:

Daily Sketches: Old Woman Springs Road and old guys shootin' the breeze at a Chevron Station in Scottsdale, circa 1948. It's from a photo. Love their stance and posture as they take turns telling lies. I've seen this many times growing up. Long gone now, but the memories remain. Hey, dig the '57 Ford Crown Victoria at bottom, left. Whipped out with a minimum of strokes and yet, there it is.

"I long to be gone like never before."
—Gustav Klimt, hot and tired and dying to get out of Vienna