Sunday, July 07, 2013

Custer Clones & Gatling Guns: the Lone Ranger Goes Down In Flames

July 7, 2013
  Just saw that The Lone Ranger finished a distant second behind Despicable Me at the box office this weekend. Not good and unfortunately puts it in the same time zone as Cowboys & Aliens in terms of success (good, but not nearly good enough).

  When I walked out of the sneak preview last Monday I saw a movie reviewer I know who bemoaned the broaching of the subject of genocide in the film and wondered aloud why the movie makers didn't ignore all of that and do, as he put it, "Dudley Do-Right." I commented that about half the time they did, but unfortunately, they couldn't resist the topic.

  Here is the response from a certain friend of mine who hates to be quoted, but nonetheless is ever so quotable:

"The western film, by its very nature, is weighed down with historicity. It is inescapable even in fantasy westerns. However, you dont have to front load your film with it by adding Custer clones and gatling gun massacres of innocent Indians. Well, at least they grossed more than John Carter--which also opened with a 7th Cavalry/Indian scene. Your friend was right--it should have been Dudley Do-Right with Depp along for humor. Guess the stupid outfit didnt work. Oh well."
—The Top Secret Writer