Monday, July 29, 2013

Cozad Final And The Girl In The Flatbed Toyota

July 29, 2013
   Got home from Flag yesterday at about two. Big traffic jam south of Camp Verde, so Kathy and I snuck the back way through Cherry. Got up this morning and took a good, hard look at my Cozad painting:

I debated whether to start another scene, having found a photo of the actual Bee Hive in about 1888 that shows a false front and a unique window placement on second floor, but ultimately decided I didn't have time and determined to add several more eye-witnesses, some color and called it a day:

Daily Whipout, "Tragic Fist Fight In Cozad"

Scrambling to finish the layout of this very ambitious Classic Gunfight. Goes to the printer this afternoon. Working on tweaks this morning, adding numerous tidbits of historical information from Jan at the Cozad museum. Really too much to cover in four pages, but we're giving it a go.

It's an incredible story about a family that reacted to the tragic circumstances in Cozad, Nebraska, then created aliases for themselves and spent the rest of their lives hiding from their past. Crazy Cozads, indeed.

I bought an Arizona Route 66 book by Roger Naylor in Clarkdale last Saturday. In it I discovered a funny, but sadly true tale: According to Jackson Browne, the song writer of the mythic song "Take It Easy", the girl who slowed down to take a look at him, wasn't in Winslow, but in Flagstaff at a Der Wienerschnitzel and she wasn't driving a flatbed Ford, she was in a Toyota.

"When the legend becomes fact, try singing THOSE lyrics!"
—Every songwriter who ever lived