Saturday, July 13, 2013

Slobs And Dolls

July 13, 2013
  Last Thursday evening, I met Kathy at The Talking Stick Resort which is an Indian casino on the res, just east of Scottsdale. She had spent the afternoon with her girlfriends in nearby Mesa and one of them, Lori, was dropping Kathy off at the valet entrance where I was meeting her for the Jim Gaffigan concert.

  I got there first and sat on a bench outside the main entrance. It was quite warm, but there was a breeze and It was shaded and I kind of enjoyed the dry air for a change. I watched the parade of casino goers pull up and hand off their rides to the valet guys (a job I did myself one summer at Turf Paradise, where I actually parked Jimmy Durante's Caddie!).

  I soon began to notice all the couples coming to see Jim Gaffigan and I was immediately struck by a weird mash-up that at first I thought was an exception, but after the 12th couple, I realized is probably the new norm (full disclosure: I don't get out much). What I witnessed is young women in very high heels, dolled up (as my dad would say), while the guy she was with was wearing a rumpled, ratty t-shirt, shorts and FLIP-FLOPS! Okay, a few had on grubby running shoes, but man did it look goofy!

 Now, granted, when it's 110 out we Zonies have long ago given up trying to dress stylishly in the heat, although I myself was wearing Wranglers, a short-sleeved shirt and my felt dress hat. After all, this was an evening out, a date if you will, and at a fancy casino ballroom.

Slobs And Dolls
When Kathy arrived we walked inside and encountered the long line to get into the ballroom and now that I was aware I started looking at all the couples. There were 1,600 people, almost entirely dates and not one of the guys with the dolls made any attempt at looking like he cared. I would venture a guess that it was about half flip flops and half running shoes, and 75% ratty t-shirts. It was shocking to see the woman with her hair styled, a mini-skirt on and extreme high heels (Kathy tells me this is all the go now) and then to be walking next to a guy who looked like he came from a homeless shelter, is just crazy wrong in my book. But then I have issues with other well dressed Americans as well (see quote, below).

"Attention Walmart Shoppers: dress for the body you have, not the body you want."